Company Profile

Kingsbridge Homes was launched in the year 2000 with the vision of helping people to maximize their opportunities for selling land, while dealing with highly-motivated people that they get to know and trust.

The key to a successful development is getting the right planning permission - and this is where we excel. Our developments compliment the character of the locality, provide the type of housing that is really needed, and ultimately increase the financial return.

We take great care in the preparation stages of our developments and consult with neighbours and relevant organisations. To ensure that we carry out a well planned and compassionately considered development, our team is supported by professionals, including solicitors, architects, planning consultants, surveyors, engineers, and wildlife and tree experts.

We source land through various means and often deal directly with landowners, something that we believe inspires trust and helps create a bond. Like many companies we rely on word of mouth. Nothing beats a personal recommendation and we are proud to have attracted a strong network of landowners across the three counties.


Kingsbridge Homes specialises in exclusive developments of beautifully designed homes


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